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Guitar and music fans have been raving about Mike Ruggierello's playing and guitar teaching services and techniques for years.

Make Your Pandemic Productive: Take a Lesson From a Local Music Star

Make Your Pandemic Productive: Take a Lesson From a Local Music Star

Choices vary from instruction from members of Slightly Stoopid to a San Diego Music Award winner and everything in between.

In this time of social distancing, we've seen tons of musicians -- from bedroom players to those on the national stage -- share livestreams of their performances. Some are doing so in collaborative formats with other artists while others simply plug-and-play and hope to get eyeballs on their social pages.

But what if you have a couple instruments that you've always been meaning to play but never quite learned? Well, self-isolation is the perfect time to pick up a new craft or improve your technique on an old one. Many musicians and services are currently offering distance-learning classes, some with one-on-one lessons while others are video tutorials you can play along to. The reality is that there's never been a better time to learn.

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Mike Ruggirello – A Multi-Faceted Guitarist

Mike Ruggirello – A Multi-Faceted Guitarist

A life in music is a full-time job to be sure. However, for many performers, it’s a multi-faceted existence, with performance just one part of their schedule. Such is the case with guitarist Mike Ruggirello of rock trio, Fusebox. Performing at Winston’s on August 29, in addition to his role as frontman for the band, he is also a respected music teacher and hosts the web series, Theory Thursday Live. “You have to wear a lot of hats these days” Ruggirello said good naturedly. “But it’s different sides of the same coin. In the end it’s all about making music.”

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Local guitarist Mike Ruggirello teaching the next generation

 Local guitarist Mike Ruggirello teaching the next generation  Read more: San Diego Community News Group - Local guitarist Mike Ruggirello teaching the next generation

There are many places to take music lessons in San Diego, but nothing comes close to Rock and Roll San Diego. Located next to the Valley View Casino Center (aka the Sports Arena), it’s a full-service, one-stop location for musicians, offering everything from instrument repair to rehearsal rooms, with music instruction one of the key elements.

What truly sets them apart is the caliber of the teachers brought in to work with students, including such music legends as guitarist Johnny Vernazza (The Elvin Bishop Group) and bassist John Avila (Oingo Boingo), as well as rising stars such as guitarist Mike Ruggirello.

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