San Diego Guitar Lessons

Learn to play a fun, inexpensive, and portable instrument. Mike Ruggirello offers private guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students at his North Park music studio in San Diego. Mike covers various guitar styles from rock, jazz, classical, pop, metal and blues.

Age & Skill Level

Master guitar teacher Mike Ruggirello offer private guitar lessons in San Diego for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Because the guitar requires the development of independent finger movement and strength, age 5 and up would be the ideal age for guitar. Having a foundation in the rudiments of music is a plus but not required.

What You Learn

Guitar lessons are tailored to what the student wants to learn. You will learn how to play various guitar styles and repertoire. You will learn how music theory as it relate to the guitar. You will learn various technique as it pertains to a selected genre. But most importantly, you’ll have fun learning it.

San Diego Music Scene

Mike Ruggirello is the host of TheoryThursday - an interview show that stream lives every Thursday evening. Every week Mike and his co-host Jason interview and jam with San Diego's top professional musicians. There's virtually no one in San Diego who's more in touch with the music scene and San Diego's music trends.

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