Advanced Guitar Lessons

Mike Ruggirello offers advanced guitar lessons both online and at his North Park recording studio in San Diego.

You want to become an awesome guitar player right?

You don't just want to learn a bunch of licks and tabs and songs, I think you actually want to become a really good player.

At the advanced guitar lesson level we work on faster alternate picking, more complex rhythmic figures such as galloping and triplets, along with some more complex chord shapes. In addition, we use of 3 note-per-string scales, higher tempos in general and more advanced sweeping and hybrid picking.

Advanced guitar lessons will help you

  • Easily play anything without physical limitations
  • Clean up all that sloppy string noise, and play with power and precision
  • Pave a roadmap on your guitar so you can navigate the fretboard without getting 'lost'
  • Choose the right notes to convey the emotions you want to express
  • Unlock the sounds you hear, and really understand what is happening in the music
  • Develop the ability to hear something and then play it immediately on your guitar
  • Smoothly combine all of your skills to create interesting variations and new musical ideas
  • Play complex rhythm patterns perfectly in time, without missing a beat
  • DOUBLE or TRIPLE your guitar speed, perhaps even reaching levels you never thought was possible for you

Advanced Guitar Lessons provide

  1. Understanding how to use music theory to your advantage when soloing
  2. Learning how to improvise and solo all over the guitar, in every key
  3. Applying ear training skills to easily and quickly create your own musical ideas
  4. Easily build accuracy and speed with both hands, and learn to play clean
  5. Develop your musical creativity, even if you think you don't have any
  6. Take all of the skills that you learn and combine them to write your own songs

Anybody who wants to CAN become a really good guitar player. Let Mike Ruggirello's advanced guitar lessons take you to the next level!

The road to greatness is a lot of fun and worth the challenge!

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