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Strymon Deco vs Flashback 4x

The Stymon Deco Uni-V/Tape Comp and the TC Electronics Flashback Reverse Delay compared. Dan Deaton demos Mike Ruggirello's rig with some nice sounds at Mike's studio.


SONICAKE - Twiggy Blues Soundbar - Demo

SRV Tone for $100 - Sonicake Twiggy Blues - Demo by Mike Ruggirello - Demoing the compression, Blues preamp, delay, and spring reverb of the Sonicake Twiggy Blues Soundbar.


Electro-Harmonix "Mel 9" Tape-Replay pedal demo

Please enjoy Mike's Electro-Harmonix "Mel 9" Tape-Replay pedal demo where he provides some insight on how to use the Mel 9 Tape-Relay. For the record, it is a pedal demo not a history discussion.


Ozztosh Luma S Guitar Demo

Demoing two different billet aluminum guitars "S models"


Mad Hatter Guitar Products solder-less "Terminator" demo

Mad Hatter Guitar Products solder-less "Terminator" demo by Mike Ruggirello. Listening to a stock guitar transform into a modified tone machine. The Terminator is the 2nd. Gen/ Solder-less tone, volume pots along w/ 5 way switchblade. Custom install by Repair Zone San Diego.


Ernie Ball Expression Series Ambient Delay Pedal Demo

Ernie Ball Expression Series Ambient Delay pedal (Reverb then tap in delay) demo by Mike Ruggirello explaining and demonstrating features of a fantastic/innovative new delay pedal. Music from Metallica "Halo On Fire" for the examples.


Dunlop DPV4 volume/ expression pedal demo

Dunlop DPV4 volume/ expression pedal demo (auxiliary out for delay tapping only) by Mike Ruggirello. Demoing some expression with delay tapping only.


Mission Re-Wah ST pedal demo

Mike Ruggirello & the Re-Wah ST by Mission Egineering INC.


Orange Tiny Terror (Super Modded), Holy Terror Mod & British Glory Mod

Watch Mike Ruggirello and learn about the "Holy Terror Mod, British Glory Mod, & the 12 stage Henry choke.


S.I.B. Mr. Echo pedal demo

Mr. Echo pedal demo by Mike Ruggirello. Dark & digital...


Flying V Leather Acc. - V-Rest

Gear demo by Mike Ruggirello describing features and benefits of the V-Rest - a killer new accessory for fans and owners of the Gibson Flying V guitar.


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