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  • Frustrated with your guitar playing?
  • Bought a guitar, books, or lessons but never learned how to play?
  • Do you pick up your guitar, mess around, but get tired and give up?
  • Do you tell people you have "no musical talent"?

San Diego's Master Guitar Teacher

Mike Ruggirello is a skilled and experienced guitar teacher who can help you make your guitar dreams reality!

It pays to learn from a pro! Private online guitar instruction from anywhere in world, as well as individual and group lessons in San Diego, CA. Get more detailed info on guitar lessons ​and instruction ​products for all ages, levels, and styles.

Learning with Mike is fun, you'll be amazed how quickly you improve!

Mike helps you learn the music YOU love!

Mike doesn't teach “by the book” or bore students with nursery rhymes and outdated methods. Your instruction will be designed based on your unique goals.  If you really want to get a head start, take a couple minutes to write down 5-10 songs you would like to learn. After a preliminary session or two to make sure you have the basics understood, Mike will start right in on your list, and that will determine the skills and tricks you will learn. Why learn classical technique if all you want to do is strum classic rock at a camp fire? Most students are working on their own requests in under 5 lessons.

The Best Guitar Instruction Videos on the Internet is loaded with great videos that you teach you the techniques and songs you want to know.  You can get a taste of what's available by checking out our free videos, but if your hungry for more you can get a lot more with a premium membership.

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