Instrument Cable - The Teacher proudly promotes "The Teacher" cable at $52.99

When you're ready to hit the stage or the studio you need a quality Cable. Mad Hatter Instrument Cables will keep you plugged in and heard loud and clear. Each cable is made of high quality instrument cable and Neutrik Gold ends for the best connectivity.

Our cables are lightweight and do not typically twist and bind like other thicker cables. With a light weight cable there's less chance of pulling your lightweight equipment off your studio table, or dragging your pedals around the stage with a heavy twisted cable.

The Neutrik Silent Plug, typically found on cables selling over $100, ensure no loud pops and humming amps when switching instruments. We believe you shouldn't have to pay over $60 for a quality cable with this feature. We offer the Neutrik Silent Plug in both Straight and 90° for the same great price!

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